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I Listened To You Guys Now Look..

J. Alex

Thanks again to Sheldon Moore and Tamie ... you guy do a complete job in coaching us ... I listened to all your instructions and I’m all set ... first load tomorrow ... I will recommend you to everyone interested ... details down to the straps and pallet jack ... appreciate the air brakes lesson.

I Saved Big Money On My Box Truck

Michael Price

Thanks to Sheldon Moore and Tammi Woods-Moore. With your class and mentoring I made this purchase today. I’m grateful for your guidance. Now it’s time to get to the money!!

The Program Is Amazing

Ariel Harmon

This training seminar is AMAZING!! If you are just getting started, you're already in the industry but your business is at a standstill or if you just need reassurance and guidance to navigate this industry I highly encourage you all to to take this class.

The Training Was Magnificent

Sabrina Summers

I had the pleasure of taking Sheldon Moore and Tammi Woods-Moore Start Your Own Transportation Company today. The training was magnificent and very informative. Their training is for the person that’s brand new to the industry like myself to the seasoned person that’s been out there doing it but need some guidance.I will recommend their training to anyone.

The Best Coach Around

J Alex Live

Mr Sheldon Moore is the best coach I ran across in a long time ... he really looks after our best interest and save us money ... plus the Godly influence goes a long way ... Thank you sir

I Didn't Want Go Back To Work

Alicia Moore Herron

On May 30 I was sitting in a hotel room in NYC (I’m an ER RN and was working the COVID crisis)wondering what I was going to do when I returned home. I knew I didn’t want to return to nursing full-time. I took Sheldon and Tammi’s Zoom class and was highly impressed. My husband and I had talked about doing this for years. On June 7 I returned home. June 10 we went to the Ryder location. June 12 we decided on a truck. Initially I was going to use Ryder’s financing, but encountered a few hiccups. I remembered that Mr. & Mrs. Moore had mentioned Jon Perrin with JNFunding, so I dug through previous posts in this group for the number. On a Friday afternoon I called Jon. Within 3 hours he called me back letting me know I’d been approved. Today, I brought her home (had to wait for delivery from out of state). Next week I (we) start a new chapter in our lives. Thank you to Sheldon and Tammi for all of the wisdom and insight! 💙 2014 Freightliner 26’.